Top 3 Must-Have Supplements

1. Multivitamin

  • Choose a high quality, professional grade supplement
  • Should be free of common food allergens, like soy, dairy and wheat
  • Contains active, bioavailable forms
  • Does not contain artificial colors, additives, and is labeled as non-GMO
  • Should be taken with food to ensure optimal absorption

2. Omega-3 fish oil

  • This is an essential fatty acid that the body can’t make. You need to get this through food. Examples include fatty fish like salmon and mackerel.
  • Has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Promotes circulation, brain health, immunity, and joint health.
  • Ensure it’s in triglyceride form for optimal absorption
  • Make sure it’s free of contaminants like mercury, lead, PCBs, and dioxins

3. Probiotics

  • 80% of our immunity is in your gut!
  • Probiotics keep your gut healthy
  • Your gut produces vitamins and enzymes, which kills yeast and fungi
  • Antibiotics, sugar, stress, chemicals, and medications kill gut bacteria… which decreases your body’s ability to fight disease
  • Refrigerated vs. non-refrigerated: non-refrigerated is easier to travel with, but either is fine

**** As always, be sure to check with your health professional before taking any type of supplements.

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