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Chris has absolutely transformed my gut health

“Over the past several months, Chris has absolutely transformed my gut health. I went from battling constant stomach aches, bloating, and heartburn on a daily basis, to finally feeling energized and like myself again. Chris is ncredibly knowledgeable about all things related to diet, nutrition, gut health and how it all impacts the rest of the body. I never thought I would be able to eat without having a stomach ache or heartburn again, but Chris has made that happen and I am so incredibly grateful!”

Thank you so much for all the help with getting me feeling normal again — I am so appreciative!!

– C. L., California

“Chris’s program/guidance has truly changed my life”

“I had pretty bad Diverticulitis and had been in and out of the ER and to a number of GI doctors. None of them could get to the bottom of why I was bleeding nor were they able to make the bleeding stop. I am 38 so it is unusual for someone my age to have a case this severe. I had been on Cipro and Flagyl, painkillers and I was told I would likely have to have my sigmoid colon removed. Chris was on it from the minute I first called her. She had me order blood labs, an allergy test as well as a fecal test. She used this information to put together a supplement program to meet my specific needs. She also encouraged me to make changes in other areas of my life to help with stress management. We worked on improving my diet and cut out some inflammatory foods and added so many healthy foods that have made me feel stronger and more energized.

After seeing Chris, I feel great and I actually feel better than I did before I started having digestive issues. Chris’s program/guidance has truly changed my life. I feel confident that I have my stomach issues under control and I’m improving daily. I haven’t had a flair up since beginning work with Chris but if I do I’m confident that I have the tools and support not to take it on.

I recommend Chris regularly to people with digestive issues. I would also recommend her if you aren’t having digestive issues. I really thought I had a pretty good handle on how to eat/be healthy prior to starting Chris’s program but there were a lot of things I was lacking in my diet as well as supplements that I was taking that were likely doing more harm than good. Chris has a more depth understanding of health and specifically gut health than any Doctor or GI Specialist I have seen. She used bloodwork, a fecal test and an allergy test to figure out what supplements I should be taking and what foods I should be avoiding. Getting my gut health to a good place was a really delicate balance and Chris is an awesome guide through the process.”

– C.O., California

“She gifted me with the tools and guidance to feel better”

“Working with Chris has been one of the most rewarding experiences. She took the time to listen (I can turn the babble on), most important she gifted me with the tools and guidance to feel better, to listen and be aware of my body’s wants and needs, which created so much energy, smiles, a completely different outlook on my life and health choices. Thank You Chris!!”


“I lost weight, feel 100% better”

“I tried standard doctors to reduce my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and was told that nothing could be done about it. Then I educated myself and found that it was only because most doctors don’t know how to help me. They never educated themselves. HWN is the opposite – keeping up with the most recent research and techniques.

I was put on an elimination diet to rid myself of the foods and drinks keeping me unhealthy and given nutritional supplements to heal my gut. I was stunned to see the change! I lost weight, feel 100% better, and most importantly, I’m healthy again! Something that the other doctors told me could not be accomplished. Thank you, Chris!”


“My energy level and mental clarity is approaching normal”

“After many years of antibiotic overuse, systemic mold and MARCoNS, my body was overloaded with toxins created by those conditions. My gut had been severely compromised to the point where it was unable to synthesize nutrients from food. The toxins had been continuously increasing and recirculating with no means of escape, causing heavy mental fog, very low energy, and all-over deterioration of health. Chris, herself, had endured and recovered from mold. She promised me she would open the pathways to release the toxins in my body and my brain. Then I would have mental clarity and energy, and my body would be able to synthesize nutrients from food.

Chris has an understanding of nutrient dependencies, synergies, and pathways. And her interpretation of lab reports goes way beyond the computer-generated lab recommendations. After one year of working with Chris, my energy level and mental clarity is approaching normal. We continue to work on my gut health and MARCoNs but I have no doubt Chris will help me to heal this area as well. Thank you, Chris, for everything!!” 🙂


“Chris is inspirational, inspiring and caring”

“Thank you for the greatest support in assisting me in finding health and wellness. You are inspirational, inspiring and caring. Your knowledge as s a clinical nutritionist in healing oneself is remarkable. I look forward to future healing journey’s together; as we clean cobwebs from the past and spin healthy webs for the future.”


“I literally experienced relief within 4 days of starting this new diet”

“After a couple of years of chronic stress that culminated with a pregnancy loss, a hysteroscopy and an appendectomy, I wound up with irritable bowel syndrome and was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis. I was told by doctors I would have to live with the discomfort of the latter and just learn to modify my diet. In addition, I was experiencing lethargy, mild depression, skin rashes and chronic back pain. I knew right away, given the preceding gut related issues, this was all in my gut. As they say, “what starts in the gut, doesn’t stay in the gut”.

I tried to let my body heal itself for a few months but wasn’t feeling better. Upon recommendation of a friend I contacted Chris. As an electrical engineer and neuroscientist, I always enter treatments with some degree of skepticism. But, with the combination of the most advanced food sensitivity and GI mapping technology, she was able to pinpoint the foods that were causing inflammation, and devise a gut healing protocol for me. After 4 months of bladder discomfort, I literally experienced relief within 4 days of starting this new diet. I was completely taken back by both the efficacy and speed of symptom resolution. I continued with the diet for several more weeks, and I only felt better and better. My skin started to glow again, my back pain dissipated, my energy levels rose, my personality perked up and my urethral syndrome and bladder inflammation rescinded. My husband said ” It feels like I got my wife back!”. I couldn’t agree more.

Chris has a very scientific approach to it all and doesn’t buy into crazy restrictive and unverified diets, but rather has you focus on whole foods and clean eating. My experience has been phenomenal. She is extremely well-versed, will answer all your questions and make food recommendations as needed. I am about halfway through my journey and to think that it is going to get even better is so incomprehensible..I feel so great already (how much better can it get??)! I even started a full time venture (while working full time may I add) because my energy, optimism, creativity and health have been restored.”


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