Biohacking and You

If you’ve been in the health and fitness world, you’ve probably heard of biohacking, but what is it? Biohacking is the process of making changes to your lifestyle in order to “hack” your body’s biology and feel your best - to make yourself into the ab...

Below is Part 2 of this month's blog post on digestive enzymes. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here.

How do I know if I should be taking a digestive enzyme supplement?
The best way to know if you should take a digestive enzyme supplement is by having a stool test...

When you hear the words “digestive enzymes,” you probably wonder what they do and if you should be taking them. This is one area where I see a lot of confusion. Nutritional supplementation without knowing what you're doing or why you’re doing it can be just as detrimen...

In 2016, the global dietary supplement market was valued at over $133 billion. This is a huge industry with little regulation. As a result, what you think you're getting when you buy a supplement might not be what you actually get.

Is it safe to buy supplements from lar...

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