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Everyone Is Different

Chris Latham, DCN, CNS

As a successful competitive athlete, I thought I was healthy. I was winning races and placing at the top of my age group. While training for a half ironman I began feeling fatigued, irritable, and unhappy. I didn’t feel right. I was referred by a friend to a local doctor who specialized in hormones. I was given bio-identical HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and thyroid medication. Along the way, I was bitten by a tick and lived in a moldy house. I was tested for lyme disease, co-infections, and mold – I had them all.

After months of spending thousands of dollars on my health I was not improving as I had hoped. I didn’t want to become dependent on the pharmaceutical industry the rest of my life, so I began learning as much as I could about the human body. Along the way I started focusing on my digestive system. The digestive system is key to absorbing nutrients that fuel my body. This led me to a specialization in GI disorders e.g. SIBO, IBS, GERD, along with mold and building the immune system.

This path led me to become a Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition (DCN), focusing on nutritional biochemistry. I studied Integrative and Functional Medicine, approaches that take into account lifestyle habits and identify the root cause of disease. I started applying what I had learned to my life and I started feeling better!

I know what you are going through now – I’ve been there. I’ve seen so many people struggle with IBS and get a colonscopy, and still never find a solution. I decided to change this. There is a better way.

Personalized nutrition is the basis of my practice. I’ve learned that you cannot treat everyone the same. Everyone’s circumstances and backgrounds are unique. They are influenced by many factors including environment, lifestyle, and genetics.

How many times have you left the office of a health care provider with no idea what the next steps are? Or not knowing your treatment options? Not having clarity on your health care plan can lead to multiple visits, getting second and third opinions and confusion. It doesn’t have to be this way!

  • Leave with a clear understanding of what we are doing and why, with a customized treatment plan explaining each intervention
  • Always have access to the agreed upon steps forward with access to my notes for each session
  • Feel at ease when you have questions with access to a secure chat feature for brief between session questions
  • Learn to incorporate each tool into daily life with Food-As-Medicine guidance
  • Leave with the tools you need to succeed, such as access to educational handouts and recipes
  • Feel confident integrating what we discuss with meal planning tools and guidance throughout
  • Get customized plans & integrative strategies

Generic cookie cutter plans don’t work for complex issues like autoimmune disease and digestive dysfunction

  • Go beyond standard lab tests with tests that look deeper into the root issues of dysfunction
  • Have access to the best professional grade supplements on the market at a discounted rate
  • Get a dietary and supplement plan that’s customized to fit your body’s unique needs
  • Learn to incorporate each tool into daily life with whole food nutrition guidance
  • Leave with the tools you need to succeed, such as access to educational handouts and recipes
  • Feel confident integrating what we discuss with meal planning tools and guidance throughout
  • Get the balanced level of care you deserve

Programs offer personalized support throughout your journey and a plan that is updated alongside your progress. You will also receive recipes and handouts while we work together so you can learn and utilize tools at your own pace.

  • Feel supported in and out of sessions
  • You’ll receive personalized recipes and handouts
  • Sessions can be virtual or in person

Schedule a phone call or virtual appointment via phone or video conference.

  • No downloads needed for video conference
  • All video conferences are held via a HIPPA compliant telehealth platform
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Chris Latham, MS, CNS, CKNS

As a certified nutritionist specialist I take into account your history and the interactions of your genetics, environment, and lifestyle factors to guide you towards long-term health and protect you from chronic disease. I incorporate various strategies to develop a ‘personalized’ plan that’s made just for you.

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Chris Latham, MS, CNS, CKNS



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